Studying the whole

We go where your body takes us.


Ask anyone to name a ‘doctoral level primary healthcare profession’ and they’ll most likely say GP or dentist. But did you know that Vitalistic Chiropractors are the third biggest on the list and gaining mainstream recognition by the year? It should come as little surprise to those who practice or have experienced the life-changing benefits of Vitalistic Chiropractic. The reason is simple – we get to the root of your problem, rather than simply remedy symptoms. 

How did we get here? One big reason could be that we’ve been conditioned to perceive symptoms like pain negatively. It’s only natural we want to mask or eliminate them. But think about it – what is pain? It’s our body telling us something about our environment. It’s an intelligent response. Something is triggering this response. Do we want temporary relief from symptoms? Or long-term healing?

Vitalists aren’t fixated over quick fixes. We view your body as a highly complex composition of billions of interconnected and rearranging parts forever in flux. We study the whole, not the parts, giving us a complete picture of how your body reacts in sickness and health. The keyword being ‘your’. We’re open to wherever your body takes us, from the spine to the head, emotions, habits and all in between, allowing us to deliver a truly individualised care program personalised to your unique needs. By getting to the root of the problem, Vitalists seek to relieve your symptoms in the now, while preventing them from rearing their ugly head in the future. 

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Introductory workshop


Ever noticed how the world is getting sicker and sicker, yet we’re spending more and more on pharmacological solutions? This is exactly why we do what we do here at Metta. There is a better way - and we want you to be in on it.

You’re invited to take part in our fortnightly workshops called ‘Better Results Faster’ - a complimentary 45min interactive Q+A session run by our chiropractors early in the week. 

At Better Results Faster, you’ll learn 3 key things:

1. Where we are at with our health as a society (spoiler alert - it’s actually declining)
2. How your nervous system controls everything in your body (it’s designed to be healthy and is smart)
3. How your chiropractic adjustment impacts your neurology.

You’ll also learn specific postural exercises to support your adjustment, and amazing tips to attain better results as you take control of your own health with activities to express your health optimally. We can’t wait to see you there.




In response to the COVID pandemic, Metta kickstarted UN-STRESS. Running every 4-6 weeks, each session is 2-2.5 hrs long and totally free of charge for our beautiful members (you’re welcome to join for a small fee). 

At the Un-Stress Workshop you will experience firsthand:

- Overall positive health benefits of breathing and meditation 
- Specific breathing techniques 
- The science behind stress and how these techniques can support you.

Get ready for an immediate uplift in mood. After experiencing and learning our new techniques, we hope you’ll leave feeling relaxed and empowered with simple tools you can take and implement in your everyday life.

Meet Stephanie


Bright, passionate, outgoing and in-tune with those around her, Stephanie exudes the natural optimism and loving kindness that stands Metta apart. Stephanie doesn’t simply adjust your spine – she adjusts your entire mindset. Once you open your mind to the possibility that your body is intelligent and designed to thrive, you can empower yourself to take control of your health, change your habits and create new patterns that lead to healthier outcomes. More energy leads to exercise, exercise leads to better health, better health leads to better decisions. Better decisions make better parents, better co-workers, better people. As a nervous system doctor, Stephanie seeks to boost your brain-body connection. She listens to your story to understand what got you to where you are today, and relies on intuition to examine you, using feel and touch to learn what she needs to do. Once she’s pinpointed a potential cause, she’ll map out a plan to get you where you want to be.

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