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Welcome to Metta Chiropractic Health. We’re here to show you there’s more to life – and it starts with our very name. Translated as "loving-kindness", Metta is a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception. Gary, Stephanie and our beautiful team know that whoever you are, however you got here, whatever is going on for you in life, your best is yet to come. It’s already within you. And we can help. More than that, we want to help. After all, we are not separate individuals going it alone in life – as interdependent beings that belong to a massive global ecosystem, we all have a role to play in creating the best environment for each other to thrive. It’s why Metta people are generous, thoughtful and caring, always willing to share our abundance of knowledge, care, love and support, showing up with an open heart and listening to your stories to help you live a better life. It’s our village mentality. If one wins, everyone wins. 

Think of Metta as a space to grow, thrive and reach your potential. We’ve designed our space to inspire you to take control over your own health and wellbeing with intuitive tech, nourishing brain food and natural wayfinding. Many say your first adjustment starts the moment you walk in as a sense of calm and energy floods over you, glimpsing at the renewal about to take place. There’s an energy, a clarity. A chance to reset, restore. Begin again, if only for a moment.

Reception - Check In

Metta’s energy is contagious, drawing in people with its bright facade that raises the bar in Balcatta Junction. Open Metta’s glass double doors and enter a fresh, calming, serene environment where a welcoming CA (Chiropractic Assistant) will care for your every need. Metta is highly tech driven and automated – simply enter your PIN and move through to the Communal Space.

Initial Consultation and Reporting Rooms x 2

Your sense of healing begins in our consultation rooms. Meticulously clean, neat, minimalistic and free of clutter, this is the metaphorical clean slate or blank canvas where you begin your health journey with us. Carpets, natural light, beautiful art - you’ll feel completely at ease and inspired to share your story, why you’re here and where you want to be.

Adjusting Space 

This is where the magic happens. Here in the midst of beautiful thriving plants and stimulating essential oils, the air alive with banter, your chiros are hard at work adjusting with intent, discussing your health goals and coaching with precise language. It’s an open space, surrounded by likeminded people who stand, chat, exercise, and share a laugh. Once directed to the adjusting table, make your way to your adjusting table to prepare for your relaxing adjustment, either face down or sitting – it’s up to you. You’ll feel a private connection with your chiropractor the whole time while simultaneously part of a wider open space brimming with human energy. 

Communal Space

Sitting in a waiting room isn’t what healthy, active people need. Our patients prefer to prepare for their adjustments by nourishing their bodies and minds. Here in our Activation Space, you’ll have everything you need to get in the mode of health and zen, with brain stimulation, beautiful recipes and magazines. Once your name is called, you’ll be in the ‘zone’ to make the most of your Metta experience.

Hill DT

For those with a painful spinal issue such as a disc problem where surgery has failed or is the next step, our Hill Decompression Table steps up. Its high-tech capabilities are softened by a relaxing environment that immerses you in soothing smells and sights, as dimmed lights condition you for a deep meditating experience. Lie down, relax, put on your noise cancelling headphones and drift away in an indulgent individual moment of health and healing, before flowing on to the open adjusting space.

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