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Whatever you’re experiencing, however you’re feeling, this moment is all that matters. That you’re here right now reading this says a lot.

It says you’re aware that whatever you’ve been doing isn’t working.
It says you’re tired of dragging yourself back to healthcare providers time after time, to fix the same problems.
It says you’re ready to be better and finally get in front of your health.

If you’re nodding your head at all this, then chances are you’re a Metta kind of person. Your toes are teetering on the edge of an exciting breaking point. If the dam wall hasn’t broken yet, it’s damn well about to.

Once you awaken to the truth that you can get results if you choose to do work, a world of possibilities come flooding in. More energy to work. More vitality. Better sleep. Feeling calm and in control more often. Finding the time to go to the gym again. Playing sport at the top of your game. Kids that are happy, healthy and focused at school. Less reliance on GP meds.

For you, it’s not a bridge too far, because you’re already consciously living in other areas of your life and health. Rice paper rolls over burgers. Exercise over Bachelorette binges. Yeah, you get it. Now just bring that awareness over to your spinal health.

It will mean being patient, valuing long-term gains over instant gratification. And because you genuinely want this change in your life, you’ll make an effort to find new solutions, maybe even go to great lengths to do it. Eventually it will become a lifestyle, where your change in mindset will shape you from a passive patient into a health advocate where you can inspire others to share the journey.

It's all ahead of you.

There’s more to life with Metta.
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I am… The Selfless Empress


So, this is motherhood? You’re in your ‘flirty thirties’ (yeah right), juggling a return-to-work life with a newborn on your hip. Right now, when you look in the mirror you don’t see that smart, driven, intuitive woman anymore. You don’t see much at all really, except maybe slightly terrifying Lord Voldemort eyes. Your identity? Bleached into oblivion like the vom stains on your baby’s cotton bibs. Are you even good at your job anymore? Can you do anything right? Seriously, one of these days you’re actually going to put bottled breastmilk in your tea (which, thankfully, you probably won’t get around to drinking despite microwaving it from cold like ten times). Lucky for you, you’re still you. You won’t go down without a fight - something needs to give and you’re hellbent on taking control to drive your family back to a healthy balance. Fitting in Metta is as easy as dropping in on the way home from your Mothers Group catchup. No biggie, right? And like the daytime makeup ads say – you’re worth it!

Shot of a little girl having fun baking with her mother in the kitchen
Shot of a mature man using wireless earphones while out for his workout

I am… The Irritable Hulk


If there was a Man Handbook for your younger years, it’d be a short read. Play sport, go to gym, work, travel, repeat. Throw in a good pub feed now and then. Now that age is catching up to you like a Doberman chasing down the local postie, suddenly you’re wondering how the hell that all fits in with your new directives as a father and provider. Of course you love your family. Damn right you want to spend your weekends and spare time having adventures with your kids. But without an adult outlet (or a body that isn’t held together with anti-inflammatories and vitamin supplements) all that pent up energy has you sore, stressed and ready to explode like a shaken up can of kombucha. Face it, you’re not the guy you used to be. Something needs to change – and you’d do anything to get back the old (young) you. Fix your body, kick those bad habits to the kerb, trek across the metro in peak hour traffic with your two-year-old’s happy clappy sing-alongs playing on loop if you have to. You’re all in. If only there was an annex in that man-ual that pointed you towards Metta sooner. 

I am… The Insta-fix


Get off your phone? OK boomer. They do realise they made you this way, right? Mowgli 3000, raised by wolves in the virtual jungle. To you, the bare necessities are likes and shares. Your phone is your life, the whole beautiful mess. Your friends, your followers, your fake news. Yes, it’s tiring keeping up with all the latest trends, curating a perfect online life while fending off those comment section trolls that live rent free in your head. That’s just the reality of the 2020s. Can’t just inject bleach and make your problems go away (sorry Trumpy). Still, those Karens and Kens have got a point. If you’re honest, you’ve hit life’s paywall. Your neck hurts. You can’t sleep. The throbbing headaches have fatter beats than your workout playlist. But who do you turn to? Dr Google says you’re a goner (what’s new). And Siri? She can’t get you to the nearest pharmacy, let alone where you need to be in life. Yet deep down you know you’re not a lost cause. There are no boundaries in the world you live in (or inside). You can have anything you want, if you can just find a solution. A real solution. It’s somewhere out there. Somewhere you’re not looking. Maybe the metaverse will lead you to Metta?


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