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The human body’s capacity to push its limits is truly astonishing. The swimmers, the lifters, the sprinters, the footballers – always more gains to make, always an edge to find. At Metta, we have a special interest working with elite athletes to help you be at the top of your game. As biomechanical experts, we want to understand what factors are not performing the way you want in the hope that we can make a long-lasting, sustainable change. 

Here’s how we help:

- Spinal adjustments
- Extremity adjustments
- Mobilisation
- Rehabilitation
- Nutritional advice.

Whatever your performance goals are, we’re along for the journey. Whether that’s chasing that extra edge to crack your PB, relieving and preventing pain, faster recovery from injuries, increased flexibility and range of motion, enhanced balance or damage prevention, we help get you back to peak performance as soon as possible while strengthening your body and training habits to prevent sports injuries in the future.

Success is about active participation. In other words, we need you to take control. Ask yourself – in what way are you repeating a habit or habits that aren’t enabling you to perform at your peak? The answers you find will shine a light on what you need to change in your life to get stronger, build new healthier habits and adjust to a new rhythm that sets you up for success. Ready? Let’s do this.

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HillDT Touchscreen

Decompress and kickstart your body’s healing


At Metta, we’re deeply passionate about exploring every possible avenue to help you achieve Peak Performance – and for many Metta members, exploring Spinal Decompression therapy is a game-changer when all hope seems lost. Using our state-of-the-art Hill Decompression Table, this new, proven and gentle technique may help with pain caused by Bulging or Herniated Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease, Facet Joint Syndrome, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Spinal Stenosis or Stubborn Muscle Tension by gently stretching and releasing the spine to reposition disc material, kickstarting the body’s natural healing process. Whether utilised in conjunction with your regular Chiropractic treatment to bring about fuller healing of your spine, or trialled for relief from chronic pain after you’ve tried everything but surgery, this gentle approach could be exactly what you’ve been looking for as part of your care plan.

Meet Gary


Gary is Perth’s Olympic standard ‘bio mechanist’ expert, here to help athletes and families experience high performance through optimal functioning. He’s the person you see when your body is breaking down and stopping you from living the life you want, whoever you are, whatever your goals, whether that’s chasing a PB, or chasing your grandkids. Logical, intelligent, collaborative, curious and generous, Gary’s unwavering commitment to understanding why things aren’t working sees him relentlessly probe until he finds the cause, no matter what. Often it’s hidden in plain sight. And therein lies Gary’s true value to the world - he sees what others don’t. It’s why he’s worked with gold medallists, provided chiropractic care to some of the most impoverished orphanage and low economic communities in India, and was one of only 17 chiropractors worldwide to provide care at the World Games in Germany.

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