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Hello beautiful human. Today is a good day – it’s your chance to begin again. No matter what’s going on for you in this busy world of ours, no matter what’s keeping you up at night or holding you back from reaching your potential, take this moment to remind yourself that this is not as good as it gets. There’s always more to life. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Here at Metta Chiropractic Health, our passionate team is lovingly devoted to adjusting not just your back, but your entire outlook on life. We’re the vitalistic chiropractor Perth has been waiting for – an evidence-based, biomechanical expert open to wherever your body takes us, from the spine to the head, emotions, habits and all in-between. We simply start with our years of knowledge and awareness, a curious mind open to exploring, and a promise to let you, your body and goals guide us. We’re highly educated. Highly dedicated. And highly motivated to see you get where you want to be. Together we can show you that with micro decisions, adjusted regularly, you can take control of your health.

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Vitalistic Chiropractors are open to wherever your body takes us, allowing us to deliver a truly individualised care program. By getting to the root of the problem, Vitalists can relieve your symptoms in the now while preventing them from rearing their ugly head in the future.


At Metta, we have a special interest working with elite athletes striving to perform at the top of their game. As biomechanical experts, we can help you reach your performance goals, whether that’s chasing a PB, relieving pain, faster recovery or rediscovering your best.

The Metta Way



Conscious living starts with Metta. You might feel stuck in a mental rut, exhausted and stressed, living your days on autopilot, forever busy but only skimming the surface. Maybe you blinked and realised age has caught up and you can’t do what you once could. Maybe you’ve tried everything, as GP scripts pile up on your dash mat. If you haven’t realised your body is telling you something, you haven’t been paying attention. Hey, it’s all good. We’ve all been there. Now it’s time to reset your mindset. Ask yourself – in what way are you repeating a habit that’s making you less happy or healthy than you might otherwise be? When you’re ready, so are we. 

As a wellness-focused chiropractor, Perth families and athletes look to Metta to demystify how the body works, empowering you to open your eyes to whatever is holding you back from optimal function. At your first appointment, we’ll ask you how you’re feeling. In pain? Happy? Sad? Angry? How’s your sleep going? Boss riding you at work? Family? Homelife? Sport? By painting a picture of your life and health goals, we can build an idea of where you want your chiropractic journey to go. Success can be objectively measured using our state of the art technology.

Once you experience our chiro, a new sense of the world emerges, and with it, an enthusiasm where everything becomes possible. More energy to play with your kids. More rest to be a better worker or parent. More clarity to appreciate what’s most important to you. Better stress management, better relationships, better awareness, better decision-making, better equipped to deal with life. 

Welcome to a better way - the Metta way.


Nourish your
body and mind


Welcome to the beginning of your health journey with us, the chiropractor Perth families and athletes love for a reason. Metta is less clinic, more health hub, an energy exchange that rejuvenates you with health, healing and happiness the moment you step inside. Open spaces, soothing smells and sounds, beautiful recipes, brain stimulation - nourishment for body and mind. The layout is a seamless experience that makes moving from space to space intuitive and energising. Clean, neat, minimalistic, tech driven. We fill minds with enriching information, and deliver our advice and adjustments with class and purpose so you leave with so much more than what you came in with. Elevated, comfortable, content.

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