Dr Gary Patterson


“I love seeing people who thought they were ‘stuck like this’ suddenly discover they can begin again – it warms you on the inside.”

There are certain people who seem to enter our lives at just the right time. When you’re at your lowest, or most vulnerable. When you feel lost and hopeless. Like nothing is working, your goals are always out of reach, or the life you once loved is gone, and you’ll never get it back. Right when you feel like giving up, forever resigned to this unwelcome fate, that’s often when you’ll be introduced to Gary Patterson.

Gary is Perth’s ‘bio mechanist’ expert with an Olympic-level track record, here to help athletes and families experience high performance through optimal functioning. He’s the person you see when your body is breaking down and stopping you from living the life you want, whoever you are, whatever your goals, whether that’s chasing a PB, or chasing your grandkids.

To understand Gary’s path, you must first retrace his steps. As a second-generation chiropractor exposed to an extremely active Perth lifestyle, Gary’s passion for biomechanics was moulded from an early age. The explosiveness of athletics, the lateral movement of Australian Rules Football, the streamlined gliding of swimming. How does the body move? What causes it to break down? What is it capable of?


That professional curiosity - mixed with a passion for people - has seen Gary evolve into one of Perth’s most respected family-focused high-performance chiropractors. In his mind, there’s always more to gain, more to improve, more to tweak, more to life. It’s a philosophy he applies to himself at Metta, forever learning, reflecting and perfecting his craft in the belief that he too can always get better.

Logical, intelligent, collaborative, curious, generous – these are the traits of someone fully devoted to finding a solution. Whatever you’re experiencing, whatever’s holding you back, Gary’s unwavering commitment to understanding why things aren’t working sees him relentlessly probe until he finds the cause, no matter what.

This is exactly why Gary is ‘that chiro’. If you’re lucky, he’s the first one you see. For most, he’s your second, third, or fifth. The last roll of the dice, the Hail Mary after a string of successive failures that have left you desperate and desolate. Gary’s preparedness to innovate and think outside the box, leave his ego at the door and take a step back to see the big picture allows him to gain a new perspective on what needs to be done. Often it’s hidden in plain sight. And therein lies Gary’s true value to the world - he sees what others don’t.

He’s worked with Olympic Gold medallists, provided chiropractic care to some of the most impoverished orphanage and low economic communities in India, and was one of only 17 chiropractors worldwide to provide care at the World Games in Germany. Gary knows firsthand that reaching ambitious goals takes grit, resilience and determination. The 5am starts, the long hours, the sacrifices. It’s why he rides the journey with you, always willing to go the extra mile by travelling to velodromes and stadiums to get those extra gains.

It’s a hard, long, exciting road together. But at the end of the day, all that Gary needs to hear are six little words for it to be all worthwhile…

"I wouldn't be here without you”.

Bachelor of Science at UWA
Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie Uni
Post Graduate Diplomate of Chiropractic Paediatrics
Internationally Certified Sports Chiropractic Practitioner

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